"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light"-Albus Dumbledore
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Hello(: I'm Brooke, I'm 15 & a sophomore in high school. I'm a potterhead ϟ & proud. I love Tom Felton, Darren Criss, all things Harry Potter, Starkid, Music, Converse, Nail Polish, Pretty Little Liars, Reading, Writing, Photography, Drawing. My blog consists 97% Harry Potter & 3% of whatever else I want to post ;P Send me an owl sometime (: ♥ Oh & Yes, I do follow back (:
My Wand:Sycamore with phoenix feather core, 11 3/4 inches, reasonably supple
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My Wand: Chestnut, Phoenix Feather Core, 11 3/4 inches, hard
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I haven’t been on in a while… 

So, I know I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while, and because of that I’ve lost followers. I’m not upset or anything, I understand completely. If I’m not updating and posting the things you followed me for, you have the complete right to unfollow me. But I just wanted to post something explaining why I’ve been gone for such a long time, why I haven’t been posting and all that. I’ve been having heart issues (that’s the main problem) and I’ve been going to a LOT of doctors appointments, I have to wear a heart monitor, and I have to have a procedure done on my heart sometime in the next few months. I’ve also been really stressed out, with this heart thing and also school is just CRAZY. And I know, there are tons of other bloggers out there that have crazy schedules, but they still manage to fit in time to post (and that’s amazing!), but I am just soo stressed. Classes are harder and there’s tons of things going on. I’ve also been going out more, but I promise it’ll get better, and my blog will be back up and running soon, I just have to get a hold of things. 

I love and miss you guys soo much <3

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Have you ever noticed this scene? I’m so sorry for Draco. He was trying to be nice with Harry. He was kind. Then Ron makes fun of his name. Ron shouldn’t have done that, somehow that hurts Draco’s feelings. He was just a kid, after all. If someone laughed at me, I would react in the same way. Somehow, Ron started everything. Ron is one of my favorite characters, but I recognize his mistake in this movie. They could have been friends.

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So, I drove by the movie theater today, and this is what I saw.

So, I drove by the movie theater today, and this is what I saw.